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Making dreams come true!

Making dreams come true!

"Lower Florida Keys & Key West Real Estate Sales and Vacation Rentals Accommodations by Florida Keys Realty, Inc.."

The Florida Keys. The name alone can make most people immediately think of overwhelming sunsets, unbelievable greens and blues from the crystal waters, of old pirates and shipwrecks, of coral reefs and of coconut palms gently swaying in the warm trade winds. Is this your dream? To vacation here or live the cold northern winters away in the Keys, or to come here permanently to enjoy the laid back life style while chasing that special dream.The Lower Keys offer all this with average air temperatures around 69 degrees in January to about 84 degrees in July and August. The average humidity here is 75-80%, with rainfall averaging around 40 inches per year, with the peak rainy periods in June and again in September/October. The sunsets are here every day, while the tropical coral reef and warm waters are easily and quickly accessed from anywhere. The tropical paradise becomes part of you and all you do each and every day.

Sound great? Here at Florida Keys Realty, Inc. we specialize in making your dreams come true. We are a small, intimate company who will make it our priority to help you achieve that dream, whether it be for vacation, season or forever. We will always strive to be straight forward and honest in every aspect of our dealings with you. You will always find a professional and very knowledgeable person to work with you, who will give 100% to make you happy and satisfied. We also realize that each and every person has different needs and requirements to fulfill that dream, and we have just the right personnel to make it all happen.

Florida Keys Realty, Inc.
P.O. Box 421177 Summerland Key, FL 33042
Mile Marker 21.5 Cudjoe Key
Office: (305) 745-3717 Toll Free: (800) 277-7756